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Parquet flooring is made using square wooden pieces in various geometric designs. Parquet flooring offers wide range of design options, and is now becoming a preferred choice of millions of homeowners and businesses. They are of several types, including parquet bamboo; laminate, solid parquet, multilayer, mosaic, and so on. Parquet flooring collection includes beech maple, oak classics, cherry tree, and various dark wood types. Parquet flooring offers many advantages. You can clean it easily and it is resistant to stains and spills. It has many benefits over synthetic flooring options and carpets. Its’ easy to maintain, and when it starts showing signs of aging, its outer side can be renewed with the application of light sanding and re-sealing with the help of varnish.

If you want, parquet flooring can also be installed over your existing concrete basement. If you’re still undecided on where to put parquet flooring, you should first assess why you are choosing this flooring in the first place. Why it’s the most suitable choice for you. This flooring is great provided you know where to put it. For most homeowners, parquet flooring is best for certain areas of the house, like the living room, lobby, entrance hallway and bedroom. You can choose any material for flooring, but will find that parquet flooring will show best possible results at these places. If you want to put parquet flooring in your kitchen or bathroom, you should go for parquets that are moisture resistant and durable.

You can also choose bamboo or Brazilian cherry. This means, this parquet flooring can easily survive in the humid areas. Parquet flooring also works well in the commercial buildings. Some find it a great convenience in meeting rooms and halls, as it adds to the appeal of the room. Benefits you can achieve with parquet flooring include easy cleaning, increase in the value of property, and health. Parquet flooring is very easy to clean, as you just need to mop it occasionally. If you want to sell your house, this flooring will draw in extra money for you. If you have some health issues, such as asthma or allergy, parquet flooring can help you steer clear of dust.

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There’s a high demand for parquet flooring. Many people prefer beech over other types of wood. Prefabricated parquet flooring is now available with waxed, pre-oiled or finished surfaces. Most of the manufactures now make surfaces that are scratch resistant and easy to care for. Buyers now want light colors, and strip flooring is the preferred method of installation. 

Parquet flooring comes in wide range of designs and patterns. The most popular designs come in oak and it varies in color from dark to light schemes. The most preferred one is red oak, as this flooring doesn’t split right away during installation. Few years back, parquet flooring was made using wooden strips affixed on square blocks, but today it is made from hardwood or plywood with a laminated finish. This flooring is resistant to moisture and can even be installed in basement.

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